Zoey Masters

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 140

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Bust size: 36 C

Email: [email protected]


    “We will enjoy the simplicity in sharing an ideal relationship, in perfect harmony that eludes so many.”

    Hello, I am Zoey Masters. It is my privilege to provide uniquely tailored pleasure to a select few, high quality gentlemen.

    My specialty is creating a luxurious Girlfriend Experience, where we let our passion grow organically over hours, or even days. This is a wonderful experience for men who have become titans within their careers and have little time for a girlfriend, for men who have simply not found the right one or in between relationships, and for virgins who want more than just a quickie and want to experience the full magic of their first encounter, with multiple orgasms and a warm teacher.

    We will enjoy the simplicity in sharing an ideal relationship, in perfect harmony that eludes so many. I will create an erotic utopia, just for you, where there is no arguing, nagging or feeling wretched because you’re not meeting impossible expectations set forth for you by others.

    It is my pleasure to achieve ultimate nirvana for you and to treat you emotionally and physically, like the King that you definitely are.

    Upon meeting me you will find that I am soft spoken, a deep listener, and acutely attune to your intellectual and physical desires. You will feel all of your inhibitions slide away with each gentle caress of my hands over your entire body and within the depths of my warm gaze.

    We will explore one another mentally and physically, and I will gladly submit to your ravenous appetites and guide you in blissfully satisfying me in every way.

    A little more about myself…

    I am a curvaceous, exotic beauty that turns heads with my looks, but holds long term interest with my engaging personality, quiet humor and kind heart. I am incredibly demonstrative, and love to cuddle, touch, hold hands, kiss and make you feel like the only man on earth while you’re with me. Giving pleasure in all of it’s many forms is not only my gift, it is my passion.

    I have so many interests that feed my spirit… I am a painter, my taste in music is eclectic, and I enjoy exploring fine wine and cuisine particularly from Italy and France.

    One of my most beloved passions is reading, especially classics such as Le Miserables, Moby Dick, Great Expectations and The Great Gatsby (to name a few). I also enjoy more current books by Dan Brown and Wally Lamb. I would absolutely love receiving book recommendations that are close to your mind and heart and having conversations while we’re lounging by the pool or cuddling naked in bed in between especially intense multiple orgasms.

    Traveling is a major part of my life and I have enjoyed so many rich cultural experiences that have broadened my perspective on life and humanity and have fed the deep need I have in constantly learning and exploring this beautiful journey. Traveling is an experience that you and I can share together, as the Kit Kat Ranch offers out-dates within Nevada. We can explore cuisine from some of the best restaurants in the world in Las Vegas, explore museums and galleries, take a helicopter tour of Hoover Dam, have evening out dancing at a concert and gambling, or enjoy a couples spa and shopping day in Reno.

    I love men who are intelligent, powerful and are dominant…and men who spoil me with attention and gifts that make my girlish heart flutter. Of course, gifts are never expected, but very much appreciated. I especially love the thought that goes into giving. If you’re the type of man who enjoys bringing or sending gifts, I love receiving flowers, plants, books, writing journals, jewelry, gift cards, I especially treasure hand written notes and cards.

    The range of our imaginations and desires are truly unlimited and the world is our oyster. It would be my pleasure to be on this mind blowing, seductive adventure with you!

    All My Love and Light,

    Zoey Masters

    Here’s how to begin planning our adventures together:

    Call KitKat Ranch at 775-246-9975 to schedule when you want to visit me

    Email me and I will personally respond [email protected]

    Follow me on Twitter @thezoeymasters


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