Verona Amore

Age: 25

Height: 5’8

Weight: 140 lbs

Bust: 34DD

Bi-Sexual: Yes

Kiss/GFE: Yes

Email: [email protected]


    “Tall, Tight and Thoughtful–Action Ready!!!”

    Meow! From the newly-reopened Kit Kat Ranch legal brothel in Carson City, Nevada I greet you! My name is Verona Amore, and I am a courtesan here in-residence happy to make your acquaintance and hoping we can find a connection that will bring us together for mutual satisfaction and harmony. I am a full-of-life, healing and nurturing woman who embraces this fine art of sensual gratification and welcomes all the opportunities and challenges it offers. I am a very spiritual person and enjoy exploring such things as astral projection, quantum physics, and all things in the metaphysical realm. But ultimately that fuses with humanity, and leaves me and you, and that’s where all my concentration centers when I am with another person, whether that be with a man, a woman, or couples. I am as comfortable being naked, in sexy lingerie, or on a bed of flowers–I know how I look, how I move and what I say, can have a powerful sexual impact that those close to me, and I take care to make the most of every detail. I want to take every intimate encounter I have to the max, to whatever max gives you the most pleasure. As a very tall woman there are so many ways I can use my legs to thrill you–from slowly pulling on my fishnets, to wrapping them around your waist in the midst of coital heat, tothrowing them behind my head yogi-style. I am very, very flexible, both in mind and body–and whether it is in the 69 position, doggy-style, or bending over, I promise you a sex-perience that will rival all others. I have no gag reflex, none at all–just imagine what you can do with that!

    I am bi-sexual, so let’s not forgot to dream of the possibilities there–want one to consider? Bring your girlfriend with you, and you can take me from behind while I eat her out. Hmmmmmm…nice, huh? And if you don’t have a gal-pal, not to worry–there are so many pretty girls here at the Kit Kat, there are lots that will be more than happy to step in! I really don’t like to do all of the talking, I want to know where you are at, what you fantasize about, and how we shall make that happen. So at this point let me direct you to the email form at the bottom of this page–here you have a choice; write me a note and I will respond to you, or you can just book your date with me right away. Both options work for me–it’s your call! But either way, let’s meet and talk, it will lead to a joyful and rewarding time for all concerned. In the meantime, peace and love to you from me, Verona!


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