Serenity Meow

Serenity Meow

Age : 22
Height : 5’3
Weight : 110
Bust : 32C
Bisexual : Yes
Email: [email protected]


    My name is Serenity Meow! I am so excited to meet you.

    I am a starlet here at Sagebrush Ranch.

    I understand it can be a bit intimidating to come here for the first time, so here’s a bit about me so you can feel more comfortable upon arriving.

    I have blonde hair, blue gray eyes, and I am 5’3. Maybe when you email me you can let me know which of my features you think looks best.

    My sexual style is generally submissive , playful , bubbly, eager , naughty , and seductive.

    My favorite physical activity is baton twirling. My batons are the same make and model as used by cirque du soleil. They light up in the dark and they’re quite mesmerizing, like my sexual experiences.

    I enjoy games like chess, koi koi ( hanafuda ), and board games like Settlers of Catan.

    I love learning about different cultures. I speak Spanish, Chinese, and I am learning French.

    I take a lot of pride in planning fun parties with my clients. Its important to knock different activities and locations off of your sexual bucket list ! You only live once after all !

    There are many exciting dates we can enjoy!

    We can have an illustrious night out in Vegas, I have lived there for one year now and I can say confidently I can show you a night of events you will never forget !

    If you’re not quite up for a night out in the city we can always enjoy a staycation locally in Incline Village ! We can grab a cabin, groceries, and play house! Did I mention I love to cook ?

    If you want a bit of companionship we can have a more intimate evening at the Drive In Theater in Reno.

    If you’re looking for a day time date there’s a lovely animal sanctuary we can visit together too !

    There’s so many options and experiences for us to explore , why don’t you email me right now so we can figure out the dirty details together !



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