Samari Miranda

Email: [email protected]
Height: 5’0
Weight: 128
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown



    Hey All,

    I’m Samari Miranda, resident fun girl at the World-Famous Kit Kat Ranch! I am a luxury courtesan who offers true companionship and rousing adventure in a discreet setting that will allow you to make yourself right at home in the paradise of your wildest dreams.

    You deserve to be spoiled! Welcome to a reality where you will ALWAYS be the star of the show. I’m here to provide you with a world-class vacation to a destination rivaled by none. Step into the judgement-free zone, where you will always have a safe space to express your wants and needs.

    I never discriminate. I accept appointments with people of all backgrounds including those that are neurodivergent or have disabilities. No matter how nervous you may be to send me an email, I’m just as excited to see you as you may be to see me.

    It would be my pleasure to take my time with you exploring your long-awaited fantasies while also exposing you to new experiences you may not ever have dreamed of. I take pride in being the provider of a genuine passionate connection where the focus is on your satisfaction.

    Are you processing a recent loss or separation and need a comforting shoulder to lean on? I would love to be that support system that you can talk to about anything while enjoying soothing cuddles and a glass of champagne. I also love to help celebrate those special moments in life such as birthdays and anniversaries. Bachelor/bachelorette parties are my favorite and I’m guaranteed to deliver an experience you’ll never forget.

    Standing at a fun sized height of 5’0, I’m perfect for anyone to test out their domination fantasies. I identify as a switch, so I would be thrilled to play both a submissive role or dominate you all night long.

    While I may initially appear to be shy and reserved, I easily come out of my shell when interacting in a personal setting. Behind closed doors, I’m wild, mysterious, and my sexual appetite is nothing short of ravenous. My slim waist and vivacious curves will have you counting down the days to your next visit with me.

    Booking an outdate can give you the chance to test drive the Samari Miranda Experience outside of the ranch. While we do have a sauna, upscale suites, and more onsite, the number of things to do here can be limited. Going out with a beautiful lady like myself on your arm is a sure way to catch attention and feel like a celebrity for the day. I’m open to all kinds of activities whether you’d like a quiet dinner and a trip to a museum or attending a concert or comedy show. Don’t hesitate to invite me as your companion for any adventure no matter how unorthodox you may think your idea of fun is. If you’re not sure what you’d like to do in Nevada, I can help plan a 5-star itinerary that will be sure to leave memories for years to come. After the day’s activities, we can certainly head back to your hotel to kick back and enjoy private time.

    If you’re an adult virgin looking to make your first experience a positive memory that will last forever, have no fear. I am deeply honored when a virgin asks me to be his first. We can take our time in the bedroom getting to know each other and your comfortability will always come first. I also don’t mind equipping you with tips and tricks to help you perform at your best with the next lucky lady who may have the pleasure of having an intimate encounter with you.

    I love surprise visits since we are open 24/7, but the best way to guarantee to get to see me during your trip is by making an appointment. Start planning your visit today! Shoot me an email or make a call so that we can plan the experience you deserve. Don’t forget to ask about my discounts for active military/veterans and college students with valid proof.

    Specialties: fantasy/role play, lingerie show, fetishes, strip tease, age play, massage party, consensual non-consent, wrestling party, foot fetish, Happy Ending Handjob, Oral Sex, Erotic Massage, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, GFE(Girlfriend Experience), Outdates/Overnight, etc.

    3 Words That Describe Me

    I’m Ethiopian and Louisiana Creole. Think of me as a caramel milk chocolate bombshell

    10 Things About Me
    I like trying exotic restaurants
    I love traveling
    I love scary movies/thrillers
    I’m a Halloween baby (Oct. 31)
    I’m a history buff and a bookworm
    I enjoy anything artsy
    I have been to more than 40 of the 50 states at least once
    I’m a cat mom and love pets
    I graduated both high school and undergrad a year early‍
    I like watching anime and documentaries

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