Nova Sky

Height: 5’4″

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dark hair

Fetishes: Yes

Email: [email protected]


    “How did I get here? I have had a lifelong interest in sex and sexuality.”

    Hello! My name is Nova Sky, and I am a legal courtesan here at the Kit Kat Ranch. I stand at 5’4″ with long hair down my back, pale ivory skin, blue eyes, and a collection of tasteful tattoos. I thrive on learning the experiences of the people I meet, and exploring the complexities of the human experience.

    I am a traveler at heart; I live for new places, new faces, and the experiences that come with them. I lived in Europe for four and half years after college traveling as a singer/songwriter and have spent much of the last 8 years exploring this pale blue dot that we all call home.

    My sexual experiences have led me down the path to discovering my own sexual duality. I am a true switch; I enjoy being a kind, comforting, and submissive girlfriend, or being a dominating fetishist in equal measure. I take pleasure in the uniqueness of every relationship I cultivate, and value the trust that I build with my repeat clients above all else.

    How did I get here? I have had a lifelong interest in sex and sexuality. Coming from a conservative family background, the topics that were forbidden were, of course, the topics most of interest to me. After years of personal sex-ploration, I have come to believe that sex, pleasure, and satisfaction are crucial to overall health and well being. Stress kills, and there is no better stress reliever than a night spent under the sheets releasing endorphins.

    I have a number of specialties, but some of my very favorites include:

    • Girlfriend Experience
    • BDSM/Kink
    • 2 Girl Parties
    • Couples
    • Outdates
    • Virgin Parties
    • Role Playing
    • Overnight Parties


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