Milan Monroe


“I’m so excited to indulge in many fantasies…”

Well, well, well… look who we have here! Hi baby! I’m Milan Monroe. I’m here at the well known, world famous Kit Kat Ranch. I’m so excited to indulge in many fantasies and make life long memories and acquaintances here. I’m originally from the Mid-West and was raised Down South. I’ve always been the petite girl in a BIG city with classic Southern Belle morals and hospitality! I love meeting new people, exploring and trying new things. I’ve learned to cherish genuine bonds and connections. I believe in chemistry and law of attraction. Obviously something caught your eye, a thought crossed your mind and lead you here.. to me.. AND you’re still reading 🙂

I’m open and very open minded. I’m always down for a night out on the town with live music and martinis ;or being your arm candy over a candle lit dinner getting warm and cozy over a bottle of wine! I enjoy good reads with a Chai Tea, daytime exploring of the city and open mic night at the local coffee shop. It’s never a dull moment with me!

I’ve always been comfortable with sexuality and MY sexuality as long as I can remember, so why not come to The Ranches where it’s accepted and appreciated! I love women as much as I do men! The silhouette, sensual touch and sweet smell of a woman excites me almost as much as the deep thrusts and smooth shaft of a man! Couples and those who like to bring fetishes to life are a pleasure as well! I believe in living life to the fullest, enjoying every moment possible! You only live once! We all deserve to unwind, escape from adulting and have a good time! IT’S ONLY RIGHT! Don’t be nervous if you have a disability, and your physical state requires more attention than others. I actually offer a generous discount for those suitable. To show appreciation to the men and women in uniform I offer something special for you as well!

Still reading I suppose.. Why haven’t you emailed me yet baby? Don’t be shy, I don’t bite and don’t be so nervous! That is why I am here. To ease and please. Email me at [email protected]. Let’s start our wonderful connection or you can come visit me at the Kit Kat in person. Either way allow me to be your getaway! I’m waiting for you. xo

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