Kalista Estasi



“Grateful for every inhalation, exhalation and the space between”

Portuguese and Eastern European, Hedonist, Vegetarian, Orlando resident, Baltimore native. Also, former career Firefighter, Civic Engagement student, currently Florida licensed Uniformed Security Officer and Initiated Priest.

Swimming with dolphins in Grand Cayman, chanting in the temple at the top of Mt. Fuji, rafting Bull South rapids, kayaking through the jungle in Belize, Casino’s in the Bahamas, shows in Atlantic City, and exploring reefs in Nicaragua are some of my favorite experiences.

I am your confidant, best friend, playmate, affectionate, loyal, genuine, fun, open-minded.

My passion comes in music, travel, laughter, conversation, culinary artistry, public service, philanthropy, travel, and men who spoil me.

Bring me roses, jewelry, organic chocolate, gift cards, take me on out dates, concerts, trips, shopping. I will adore you.

What do you like?

Availability at your request. Call for additional availability.




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