Gabby Matthews

Age: 25
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 128 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eye: Brown
Bust Size: 32B
Bisexual: Yes
Kissing: Yes
Fetish: Open
Email: [email protected]


    “I am a lover.”

    Describe myself in 3 words:
    1. Outgoing
    2. Spontaneous
    3. Open-Minded

    What do you like to do for fun?
    1. Bowling
    2. Photography
    3. Traveling
    4. Writing
    5. ANYTHING water-related

    10 facts about me:
    1. I love Italian Food
    2. You will see me on a lot of Adventures
    3. Camping, I love being outdoors
    4. My hero is my Mom
    5. I am one of five siblings
    6. My pets are my whole world (Yes, I’m that dog mom)
    7. My hidden talent is Bowling
    8. I am AFRAID of Spiders
    9. My guilty pleasure is ICE CREAM
    10. I am an Army Vet

    My Ideal outdates:
    They would be spontaneous, romantic, fun, and loving each others company. Hiking, being in nature and anything sports-related. So if its one to a baseball game, the thrill for an adrenaline rush, on watching the sunset and the stars rise!

    What makes me different:
    I am outgoing. I’m can take constructive criticism and change. I am a lover. I can put in the hard work and dedication it takes, after all, I was in the Army. I am always positive and upbeat. Willing to go above and beyond for those who need the encouragement.

    Anything else to include n the bio:

    I am a BIG Sports fan. I am originally from Chicago but have been in the PNW for the last few years. My list of teams follow:

    Baseball: Chicago CUBS
    Hockey: Chicago Blackhawks
    Football: Chicago Bears
    College: Oregon Ducks and Notre Dame

    Thanks so much for posting on my behalf James!

    – Gabby


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