Finley “Haley” West



“I am your ultimate GFE.”

Hello. I am Finley “Haley” West. I am a curvy 5′ 8″ blonde with an all-natural body. I am experienced and patient. I am discreet and sweet. I believe in kindness and compassion. I can be feisty though.. so be ready. I am your ultimate GFE. It would be my pleasure.

Here is a little bit to know about me:

I prefer nonfiction over fiction in books, but I am all over the place with movies. I love learning about other human beings and most of their stories. We all have so much to learn from one another. As for movies, I am way behind on many of the big hits. I hope someone will help me catch up on all of them. I roller skate and dance, but I also love to play outside in the rain and mud. I like target shooting at legal ranges. I enjoy fishing and camping and would like to spend more time in nature. Hiking is a new interest of mine and I hope to take it further one day. I enjoy poetry if it has a life twist to it (creative nonfiction.) I am not so into “fluff” poetry. I like real, authentic, and moving poems. I love to laugh and have been called a “goofball” too often to count. I have a very silly side to balance out my serious side.

I am a Veteran. Are you? Let me take care of you as you deserve to be taken care of. I have ongoing specials for Active Duty and First Responders as well. You matter to me.

Please call 775-246-9975 and press zero to schedule your first appointment with me.

I do not do BDSM parties.



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