Ember Sage

Height- 5ft, 5in.
Hair- redhead
Bust- 38DD
Bisexual- YES!
Fetish Friendly- Yes!
Email: [email protected]



    Picture a goddess rising from the sea, a beautiful, lush woman who has come to bless those
    who are in her presence. Imagine a woman so sensual, so caring, so beautiful you can’t help
    but luxuriate in her presence.

    Look no further because you have found her.

    Hello, I’m Ember Sage, here to take away every worry the world has pressed upon you.

    You won’t be entrapped by just my stunning looks. My caring, warm personality will pull you in
    and ease you into ecstatic bliss.

    We can start our adventure by soaking in a warm bubble bath together, both the water and my
    soft body cradling you as we touch, taste and dive into each other. My supple breasts pressed
    gently against your back as our hands roam, well what could be better?

    Or perhaps we start our adventure gazing at each other across a dinner table, the taste of the
    wine, the food and the conversation dancing across our lips. As an educated lady, holding both
    a four year degree and currently enrolled in a graduate program, you can be confident knowing
    the conversation will never be stilted.

    My education is in health care so I am experienced with clients of all abilities and I know how
    healing intimate connection can be. In my room we will have the power to worship each other to
    our hearts content.

    I enjoy the quiet, intimate moments and the light fun moments. I believe sex should have both!
    We will be able to laugh together, tease and play all in the comfort and safety of my room at the
    Sagebrush Ranch.

    Virgins are one of my specialties! As your first I will help you grow into a skilled, confident lover.

    Let me stroke the passions and fire that will drive us to the brink again and again. All
    appointments with a deposit will be granted special consideration.



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