Aja Mercury

Height: 5’6″ ft
Weight: 111 lbs
Bust: 28 DDD
Waist: 24″
Hips: 36″

Email: [email protected]


    “I’m a poly-amorous woman with experience and interest in all aspects of sexuality and pleasure..”

    I’m a polyamorous woman with experience and interest in all aspects of sexuality and pleasure, from the naughtiest kink and most detailed fantasies to the most simple experiences and sensations. Every moment is a learning opportunity so why not learn to enjoy life and be happy in the arms of a sensuous companion. Let me be the trained courtesan for your needs or your innocent true-love for the night.

    I have two main passions, art, and sexuality, and I just love incorporating them together. I see my job as a kind of artistry, akin to a dancer or a performer, requiring the same form, composure, and graceful ease in every moment. I’m truly passionate about my job, just as I am about food, music, pottery, pole-dancing, and amazing experiences. I’m an accomplished and trained ceramics artist, as well as being quite knowledgeable having grown up in the art community. I’m also an amazing cook, with classical home-training from my Italian and German mother, my clients don’t leave hungry. I’m smart enough to surprise most people who think I’m not, and not surprise those who like ’em dumb.

    I’m an amateur pole-dancer, avid reader (novels to comics), and college student with a natural talent for guns. I’m always looking forward to seeing concerts, galleries, local events, & art, and would love to make a date out of it with you. I’m adept at styling and carrying myself to fill any role, need, or situation. This means I can throw on a ballgown as easily as a t-shirt and can be anything from a cheerleader, a girl next door to the fantasy “Big Tiddy Goth GF”, pornstar, or high society woman you want me to be. Specific fantasies and roleplaying are my favorites to provide, whether you already have them or we create them together. I also provide a lengthy menu besides that, so feel free to inquire with any requests or questions.

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