Nova Black

Nova Black


Hi, Sweetheart! I’m Nova Black.

I’m a southern treasure from the state Georgia. With my sweet and caring demeanor, I am the perfect companion for anyone looking for GFE. I will listen to you, cherish you, and encourage you to be the best you can be.
My specialty lies in overnight and outdate situations, where I can truly showcase my personality and enjoy yours too! I want to build a good foundation of intimacy and connection outside the sheets, to enhance our experience when we climb under them.

I am not just your average girl, as I am also experienced and open to exploring kinker activities with you. No matter what your desires or fantasies may be, I am more than willing and excited to provide a truly unique and enjoyable experience that you won’t soon forget! Whether it’s sweet vanilla or a bit more spicy, I guarantee it will always be tasty and satisfying.

I believe judgment has no place in the bedroom, and I want to fulfill your desires. Physically and emotionally, I’m your girl.
I’m very upfront! I love open and honest communication, as I feel the best encounters start with them.
I know looking for someone to meet your needs can be a difficult and scary process, but that’s what I’m here for. I want you as comfortable as you can be! And who knows… maybe you’ll be the one to teach me a thing or two. 😉

I have never seen the things Nevada has to offer in real life, so I would LOVE to explore this beautiful place with you.
We could have a relaxing dinner, a hike, shopping, or visit museums! The options are endless. Afterwards we might want some privacy, so when we’re done with our outside adventures we could head back to your hotel, and end with some sweet pillow talk.

If you’re nervous to climb in bed to play, that’s okay! I love giving full body massages and pampering. I can spoil you and make sure you’re as relaxed as can be. We can leave it there and go at YOUR pace.

When planning your visit, your best bet to guarantee having me all to yourself is by booking an appointment!
I can’t wait to see you, Love!

Nova Black, at the Kit Kat ranch


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