Nina Bux

Age: 35
Body Type: Fun size —easy to spin, toss, and turn around 🙂
Favorite Sex Position: Doggy-Style
Height: 5’4
Weight: 107lbs
Legs: 44inches hip to toe
Bust: 32DD – Fake and I love them
Shoe Size: 7
Hair: Blonde, Naturally
Eyes: Hazel Blue-Green
Drinker: Occasionally
Smoke: No
Personality: Fun, sarcastic, girlie, poised, graceful, feminine, passionate, free-spirit
Bisexual: I love women and men
Couples: Yes! So fun and so good for your relationship!
GFE: Yes! Let me love you like a girlfriend should – or – wife if you’re looking 🙂
Outdate/Overnights: Always! The BEST type of party. We really connect on all levels with this partyEmail: [email protected]


Hometown: Midwest
Education: Accounting Degree, Series 6, 63, 66, 7
Guilty Pleasure: Bubble Baths, Starbucks, Candles, Breakfast food, Pastries, Shoes, Louis Vuitton, Naps
Turn Ons: Hands, Mouth, Boobs, Eyes, Cologne, Perfume, Smile, Spankings, Dom, Music, Swag/Style, Tattoos, Humor
Zodiac: Scorpio
Element: Water
Favorite Flower: Roses (white, red, pink, yellow), Sunflowers, Hydrangeas
Glasses: Yes
Contacts: Yes
Tattoos: 3
Piercings: 7HOW TO FIND METwitter: @Nina_bux
Personal Email: [email protected]
Book an Appointment: (775) 246-9975 ext 0
Snapchat: Watch me when you miss me! Add my snap with a small cash app subscription monthly
Cash App Name: StarBux (search this name in your cash app search tab. Please email me or DM me on Twitter for questions, and snap add requests.)



    “They call me ’Star Bux’.”

    The stars led your fingers to this page! Hello, I am excited you are here to learn about me. My name is Nina Bux! Stop reading for a minute, say my name out loud. Nina Bux. Sexy, right? 🙂 I am legal, lux, courtesan, at the Kit Kat Ranch, which is part of the famous Moonlight Bunny Ranch! You might have seen the late-night show called Cathouse on HBO a few years back, which was filmed live at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch and aired on HBO for several years.

    You should know now, I have a ranch nickname amongst many of the girls & management. They call me ’Star Bux’. No rocket science here, it’s simply because I 100% absolutely LOVE Starbucks. That little mermaid makes me very happy and when she comes from you as a gift, very wet. Gift cards are always accepted in my room or via email, mail, or better yet, let’s sip the best coffee on the planet together in an outdate. Starbucks is a guilty pleasure of mine. You never see Britney Spears photobombed by the paparazzi without a Starbucks in her hand and same for Miss Nina Bux aka Star Bux.

    I am a petite woman, who was born and raised in the Midwest. I may appear intimidating at first sight, but don’t let that make you nervous. My heart is very warm, and I am very down to earth. When you lay your eyes on me you’ll first notice my long legs. I am not ‘tall’ necessarily, but I do have some nice, long, stems. Height-wise, I am 5’4” and when you pick me up in your arms, I weigh a whole 107lbs. Yes, before you ask me, I definitely eat! I love food, snacks, and I love junk food (don’t tell my dentist). I have a silly demeanor. I am always laughing and telling sarcastic jokes. My favorite type of jokes are the kind that goes something like this, ‘That’s what she/he said’. You can find me adding that to someone else’s sentence in the room at least 6x a day. With sarcasm, also comes a fun, but dirty mind, so dirty jokes just naturally flow out of me. Don’t be surprised, I look very sweet, but I can talk very dirty! I am a bold type woman, who is opinionated, speaks up for her beliefs, and never lets anyone disrespect me. I have compassion and respect for all living organisms. I am a street-savvy type but also very classy. I can understand the street slang, and also know which fork to use for salad at our 5-star meal. I love a good debate any day of the week on many topics. I love to hear another’s perspective on serious matters facing our society, as well as love, sex, relationships, and how the opposite sex’s mind actually works. I have a lot of energy that flows through me, and I do not mean to run 7 miles. I mean in a spiritual, connecting, type, way. You will always feel me when I enter a room and I can feel your energy too. I am a true believer in human connection and the need for it, for people to stay happy, healthy, and grow in life. Astrology, science, art, music, are some of my favorite topics. I am a nerd at heart, and love to learn new things, as well as solve problems with strategic type strategy. My mind is always moving unless of course, I am cumming (thank you! cum again!). I’m described by many as an intelligent woman, who is also very passionate, and very cool (think Uma Thurman in Kill Bill type cool-cool or her role in Pulp Fiction as Mia type cool-cool minus the heroin OD — No drugs for this girl, I am a good girl. I follow the law and do not indulge in drugs and very little drink. It’s ok, you can keep throwing those tomatoes at me on stage, like a goodie, but I love tomatoes, so no complaints from me. Iron!).

    You will notice when you are with me, I like to go with the flow. I can hold a conversation with any type of individual. From the most intelligent type conversation to the most pointless, waste of our time type conversation. Do you want to discuss what’s better, spearmint gum or winter fresh? Well, let me tell you why in my opinion one of those is better. Pointless, right? But trust me, you’ll laugh a little. Regardless, a conversation is something I am very good at. Education-wise, I hold an Accounting Degree and worked in the banking and finance industry for over a decade prior to doing sex work. I was a VP level corporate banking robot through my career and over time realized that the corporate life was not for me. I am way too free-spirited to be on that hamster wheel day to day. Eventually, I had to escape the stuffy, over-promised, underdelivered, type environment. However, it did teach many valuable lessons on professional relationship building and of course I am good with numbers, money, and the stock market. I have passed the Series 6, 63, 66, and the dreadful, nasty, Series 7. I have held a notary in my state of residence for a decade. Through my time in the corporate world, I also was a dancer at a hometown local gentleman’s club, not for the money, but because, it was my escape from the world of numbers, deadlines, and narrow-minded thinkers. I have danced in many of a few places but mainly in my hometown and yes I still from time to time pop in for a night’s work and some tricks on the pole. Dancing never disappoints me, I always leave happy. I absolutely love pole dancing and dancing in general. I have a pole in my home, and I use it often. It is truly one of the best ways to keep a women’s body toned. If a lap dance is what you need to loosen you up, prior to or party, I am your girl. If a lap dance is what you want to learn, and take home to your man, I am your girl. I love to move my hips, and dance, fast, slow, sensual, whatever you desire, dance is my jam! Music is a huge part of my life as well. You will very rarely come to my room in the ranch, or be in the car with me, or see me in the shower, and not hear the beautiful sounds of music touch your ears, and have you tapping your feet or if you were my neighbor in the ranch, twerking that booty up and down the hall. Yes, this does happen! I love all genres of music and probably would make a phenomenal DJ in my next life. If I was a DJ professionally today, I would call myself, you guessed it, yep, DJ StarBux! I could not live without music. I feel it’s essential to a healthy life, brain, and also the very best medicine for depression, heartache, grief, and loss. As well, music pairs beautifully with a sweaty session of rough sex, or a soft sensual night of love making. It pairs with so many things, the list is too long, probably like you are thinking about this bio right now, thank you for still reading btw, but music pairs with so much, like a fine Merlot and a Filet. Cooked, medium well, please, for the lovely lady, and by lovely lady, I mean, ME.

    When we are together, I want to focus my time on you and your needs! This is bio about me, it’s detailed because I want you to feel like you know a lot about who I am before we party. It’s important for your experience to be memorable. But, when I am with you, I want to learn you. I want to make your fantasy come true and know what you love and don’t love, so I can make the best of your time. That is my main priority from the beginning of our connection until we meet again, again, and again. Yes, I am like a delicious chocolate glazed donut, there is no way you can have just one or see me only once. I also really LOVE DONUTS! I told you, I eat, especially chocolate glazed anything.

    MY GOAL:
    I would love to spend time with you at the Kit Kat Ranch anytime you are feeling the need to express some passion with one of the coolest, most rad, big breasted, long legged, types in the house. I promise you will not leave me without laughing, cumming (if you choose), and feeling 100% accepted, loved, and appreciated for who you are in all your authenticity. Don’t forget to also allow me to hold your hand, and lean on your shoulder, outside the ranch by booking an outdate! As I mentioned, I am a midwest girl so the I love exploring new places far from home. Which, that is where we are, if you are with me, far from home, mine anyway. Show me around, take me somewhere beautfiul! Let me experience a new place, and adventure with you! Disclaimer: I warn you, you might fall in-love. My eyes have a way of sparkling, and my smile is unforgettable, or so some lovely lovers have told me. I love to wear high heels, and shoe shop. I never wear anything less than 5 inches while I am working (unless requested of course) but in high heels my legs do go on for days. I’d love to wrap them around you in a warm bubble bath and hold each other, listening to the music play in the background, and enjoying all of our senses being activated with the calming, relaxing, smell of lavender bubble bath, honey, or rose. If there is a bubble bath running near me anywhere, it won’t be too long before you find me stripping to get in. Bubble baths are my favorite way to end a day and also begin one.

    I take a lot of pride in my job. I believe in sex work and the healing it can do for people of all kinds. Integrity, safety, and your comfort are of the upmost importance to me at all times. I am always very honest with my clients and the connection we share will always be authentic. I promise, you will remember our experience together, because I promise to provide you quality and the type of value you’d expect to receive from a well-known, classic, professional, establishment, like our ranches. If you have never partied with me, please know I welcome new clients always, virgins, couples, women (single, or not), 2 girl parties, and anyone of age interested in having a beautiful experience together. I do not discriminate based on race, gender, or sexual desires. You will never feel uncomfortable in my presence. My goal is to connect with you, accept you for you, and create an environment that makes you feel comfortable. I am very respectful of all who book with me and you can expect us to discuss your desires, negotiate all terms, and safety to always be a priority. Here at my ranch, and every one of our ranches, all courtesans are tested weekly for all STDs, and as well tested for HIV. Nevada law does not allow any legal sex worker to work with the public until we have been cleared by a physician of a negative test result on all test. All records are kept on file along with our legal courtesan license. Any questions you have about this, please do not hesitate to ask me!

    I offer a variety of specials and discounts you can take advantage of to maximize our time together. If you’re thinking about coming to visit with me, I highly encourage that you call ahead to the ranch and make an appointment with our house for myself, at (775) 246-9975 Ext. 0. Appointments are always rewarded with additional specials, time, and discounts, and it’s always a surprise of which one you will receive. I’m a giver :). Please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] and I will personally respond to your e-mail within 24 hours. I also offer a short 10 minute FaceTime call, video messenger, or phone call, to all clients that book appointments with me ahead of time. This is offered prior to our party, so you feel more comfortable once you arrive. In my experience, this does help clients with first time jitters, any nerves, curiosity, or general questions they may have about the party.

    SOME CUM, I MEAN SOMETHING TO CONSIDER (see there is that dirty mind): Special parties!

    1) For Virgins: I’d love to make your first time very special. Please consider booking with me ahead of time for this very special time in your life. I promise to make you very comfortable, and the experience, something you will not forget. You will also receive a Polaroid of us together (if you choose) and my autograph for you to take and keep as a keepsake. The first time is always a memory you never forget.

    2) For Women: Do not hesitate to make your first time with a women, with me. I will make you very comfortable and love on you the way I know you deserve and need. As a woman, myself, I am very good at reading women’s minds in the bedroom and look forward to sharing your first experience (with your partner or without) with you.

    3) For Couples: This will be a very intimate party. This party is mainly to bring you and your partner closer. To discover what each other like in a setting that is safe, private, and cozy. Whatever, you and your partner are looking to explore together, please consider booking that exploration with me. The thought of bringing 2 people closer at the end of our party, truly makes me feel happy inside. Not only am I making a difference in each of your lives individually regarding sexual comfort, open-mindedness, and confidence, but as well together. Couple parties have been scientifically proven to strengthen a relationship in many ways. Let me help you make love to the person you love the most!

    In closing, thank you for taking the time to learn who I am. This is just the beginning of your adventure and unique experience with me. You have read about me and now I encourage you to view my photos, my video, and visit my twitter feed @nina_bux, then begin to follow me. When you find that you cannot get me to of your head, and you will, I encourage you to pick up the phone and either email me to chat or call the ranch and book time with me. I will not disappoint you.

    I can’t wait to meet you! If you are looking for someone to fulfill your needs in a safe, private, low key, erotic, way, this is how you do it and I want to be who you do it with. Experience the ‘Stars” because, I am ready to experience you!


    Ms. Nina Bux (aka) Star Bux <3


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