Fable Faris

Twitter: FableFarisKKR
Age: 39
Email: [email protected]



    10 Facts about me

    1. Wisconsin born
    2. Enjoy the outdoors
    3. Love to cook
    4. Can’t live without my espresso
    5. Kill bugs like an assassin
    6. Suck at picking out movies
    7. Want to build my house with my own hands one day
    8. Play violin
    9. If you threw me in the lake, I’d swim, not sink.
    10. Podcasts are life!

    3 Descriptive words about me

    1. attentive
    2. caring
    3. fun


    1. Play violin
    2. Write
    3. Exercise
    4. Feed Squirrels
    5. Listening to podcasts

    What is your ideal outdate ?/What makes you different from other girls?

    Who cares what we are doing as long as we are having fun! I love finding the good in people and what makes you smile! If you want to try something new, I would love to try it with you! I love paying special attention to you and giving you what you need no matter what that might be! Be sure to let me know what you are really looking for. I would love to make it happen!



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