Elaina Gilbert

Virgins: Yes

GFE/Kissing/Bi Sexual: YES!!!

Email: [email protected]


Hey it’s Elaina, your enthusiastic and exuberant personal playmate and private girlfriend!

My name means “sunbeam” or “ray of light,” and that’s what I desire to be for you — a bright joyful light that illuminates your life, takes you far away from your dark places, and brings you greater comfort and happiness with each passionate encounter of ours.

If you guessed by looking at my naturally blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and charming face that I’m of Scandinavian descent, you’d be dead-on — I am of Swedish ancestry, but I was born and raised in the beautiful American Northwest. I’m a positive young woman with profound and diverse artistic inclinations. I absolutely love to draw (you’ll often find me in the parlor with my sketch pad and pencil) and I play four musical instruments: piano, viola, cello, and acoustic guitar.

I love the outdoors. Sightseeing and traveling are a passion of mine and I always love to discover new places with a fun-loving companion, but it’s the indoor adventures that really turn me on.

Of all the things that the world has to unearth, nothing is more pleasurable, worthwhile, or rewarding than discovering a lover. Nothing compares to the affectionate touch and intimate moments shared between two warmhearted people who are eager to explore the limitless potential of human sensuality. I love touching and making love, and I’m an affirmative, understanding, and very open partner. We can take things slow and tender, or rough and raw. All sex is beautiful to me when it’s enjoyed between two people who adore and respect each other.

Let’s connect and begin our romance. I want to be the ray of light that shines brightly into your life, and brings you the utter bliss and absolute satisfaction that you’ve been desperately aching for.

My schedule is:

Sunday: 12pm to 12am
Monday: 12pm to 12am
Tuesday: 12pm to 12am
Wednesday: 12pm to 12am
Thursday: 12pm to 12am
Friday: 12pm-12am
Saturday: 12pm-12am

I am also available 24/7 by appointment.


Q- Should I make an appointment before visiting the ranch?
A- You don’t have to, though it will ensure that I am ready and prepared for our encounter.

Q- How do I schedule?
A- Just give me a ring here at the ranch, 775-246-9975. It’s always a good idea to place a deposit when scheduling, this ensures I’ll be absolutely ready for you when you arrive.

Q- What are your specialties?
A- I am gentle and sweet, specializing in an authentic Girlfriend Experience. I am open to any sexual proclivity and I love anal sex and virtually all fetishes. Tell me what your fantasy is — I’m able and willing. Don’t forget to email me.

Q- Do you accept gifts?
A- I’d love to receive gifts needed for our party.

Q- Do you enjoy outdates?
A- Yes, yes, yes! My favorite. I would love to go to dinner, go sight-seeing, and travel, I’ve also always wanted to see Reno.

Q- Do you get tested?
A- All ladies at Dennis Hof’s legal brothels get tested for STF’s every week – I am 100% healthy and disease-free.

Q- Do you party with VIRGINS?
A- Absolutely! I am very understanding and patient with people who have never experienced a woman before, I’d love to share that special moment with you.

Q- What are your hard Limits?
A- I have yet to run into something too adventurous, just ask me and I’d be happy to let you know my thoughts.

Q- Are you bisexual or open to couples?
A- Absolutely! Just let me know when ya get here ?

Would you like to Email me? You can contact me at [email protected]


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