Diamond Skye

Age: 18

Height: 5’4

Weight: 112 lbs

Bust: 34B

Bi-Sexual: Yes

Email: [email protected]


“Your 18-Year Old GFE Dream Cum True!!!”

Hi everyone! Welcome to Dennis Hof’s world famous Kit Kat Ranch brothel in Carson City, Nevada! My name is Diamond, and I just arrived here from Chicago, Illinois! And wow! What a whirlwind it has been the past few months! First, I just turned 18 a few weeks ago—I swear! And as soon as I did become “legal,” I was on a plane—first time ever!—and on my way here! And it’s been so exciting! I love meeting new people, and dressing and acting sexy! So what better place to do that than…at a fully-licensed brothel! I want to tell you all about myself! Okay? LOL! I am an evenly-toned, bronze-skinned, perfect-framed gal who has no fat and pride myself in always being in shape! I think feminine hygiene is sooooo important—you can always count on me being as fresh as a daisy, and smelling like one too! LOL! From my French-manicured nails, down to my pretty pedicured tootsies! I know I probably sound a lot more experienced than I really am, but that’s because I truly make a genuine effort to make myself attractive to others. And by “others: I mean you silly! LOL! But what am I like on the “inside?” My friends will all tell you that I have a delightful personality! Always upbeat and positive, and trying to make every day a happy one! And I want to share that with everyone! I think quality time is super-important! When you come to the Kit Kat Ranch and we first meet, I will be smiling ear-to-ear, as we talk, and laugh and get to know each other real well! We can hang out in the parlor, or my private bedroom, and even take a walk outside or go into town for some sight-seeing! But let’s not forget about the sex! I am hot for sex! All the time! Alone with me in bed will be so exciting—for both of us! I enjoy doggy-style, and just adore giving head and everything is always GFE all the way! For those of you who are a bit adventuresome, and desire the attention of two (or more!) women at the same time, I would love to introduce you to some of sexy new friends here! And I have a number of bi-sexual fantasies that I would love fulfilling with you and them together! For me, no matter what we do, the name of the game is happiness! For you and me! Hope you come over soon!


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