Darlene Dominguez

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Weight: —

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GFE/Kissing/Bi Sexual: —

Email: [email protected]


Hello, I am a South Texas girl who decided to take her life by the horns and become a legal courtesan at the Kit Kat Ranch. I held 8-5 professional jobs throughout college while earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication-Media Studies and continued on working in that professional realm till this year when I decided to take on a different professional route. The number one thing that I have in mind is you and I being able to explore our sexualities and for me to provide high quality companionship. Also, I want to be able to fulfill those fantasies of yours. If you are an experienced man/woman with knowledge in role playing and any other sexual related encounters, that is a plus because as a hot, sexy, young, sexual woman who is also in a journey of figuring out what turns me on and how I may be able to turn you on as well, I LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to learn new things. I love to please; it’s why I am here. I am also fluent in Spanish and have been belly dancing for six years. Besides being able to be there for you sexually, I would love to be there as a companion and as a friend. I am extremely empathic and love to be there for people. I enjoy many subjects such as History, Films, Science, the Arts, sports (I played volleyball, basketball, ran cross country and tennis). Also, as someone who has never been to Nevada, I would love to be able to get to know the state of Nevada whether it’s during a local event or visiting any trails or national parks available here. I can be adventurous and will get excited over anything new. I hope that when we are together we make it one of the best time of our lives and that together, it becomes memorable.


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