Amelia Heart

Height: 5’6
Weight: 120
Bust: 32C (natural)
Hair color: Brunette
Eye color: Hazel
Bi-Sexual: Yes
Kiss/GFE: Yes

Email: [email protected]


“Shy? Awkward? Me too. Let’s do this!”

Greetings! I’m Amelia, one of the top luxury companions here at the Kit Kat Ranch. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to our little slice of paradise out here in historic and picturesque Nevada.

Raised in the midwest, I’ve more recently hailed from the east coast where I moved in 2007 to complete my graduate degree. I believe education is a lifetime pursuit, and in 2016 I traveled here to Nevada to take a new step in mastering the sexual arts, professionally.

From the ripe age of 14, I knew sexuality was going to be a key part of my life. Due to a lack of real sex education, I (like many) turned to porn and erotic fiction for clues about intimacy and got to the serious business of masturbating right away. However, because I (like many) was an awkward, nerdy teenager, it took me many years to develop my femininity enough to actually get a date and finally lose my virginity. As a result, I greatly empathize with those who have a robust sexual appetite and yet struggle to find eager partners, because I’ve been there myself!

Once I crossed that threshold, I was nearly insatiable and explored with many different partners, including with women (threesomes are awesome!) and in polyamorous and open relationship settings. It was incredible! Then things changed, however, because of the seven years I spent as a professional massage therapist (in which sexuality is highly frowned upon). Focusing on my career, I slowly let those expressions of femininity that I had once developed fall by the wayside.

Having determined this was unacceptable, around 2014 I decided to swing the pendulum back in the other direction and dedicated myself to reclaiming my femininity and sexuality in full force. Then, in 2016, I read an article that discussed the legal brothels, and, within moments of learning the possibility of traveling to Nevada to work in one, I realized it was a dream come true. Within three weeks I had quit my job and flown out here to start working!

As a multi-passionate person, I continue to be involved in many personal projects and interests, one of which is now advocating for the national decriminalization of sex work to make it possible for the kinds of work we do here to be available everywhere. I really can’t imagine a more ideal job than one that allows me the freedom to pursue all my personal interests while getting paid for what’s effectively my leisure time: having amazing romantic and sexual encounters with incredible people, traveling all around beautiful and historic Nevada, lounging around in luxurious spas, enjoying exquisite meals together, and sharing so many intimate and wonderful moments!

Whether you prefer an extensive Girlfriend Experience package where we plan an unforgettable weekend getaway, an enlightening Sex Education party where I coach you on all the ins and outs (teehee) of the bedroom, or one of my incredible Erotic Massage parties (with your choice of delightfully happy endings), I offer something for every budget and desire. You will not find a more enthusiastic and capable lover anywhere, and I know you will appreciate my all-natural, tattoo-free body — I’ve kept it in tip-top shape by maintaining a very healthy lifestyle!

You might be a little nervous; that’s natural the first time we meet. Don’t worry; let my calm demeanor and no-rush attitude put you at ease. We can take all the time we need. I look forward to sharing everything with you, from whimsical conversation to indulging all our carnal desires. I work with all ages and experience levels, so let your worries melt away and know you are in good hands.

Contact me today at [email protected], and let’s plan the perfect encounter together!


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