Sophia Sun

Vital Stats:


Age: 29

Height: 5’4

Weight: 133 lbs

Bust: 36D

Bi-Sexual: Yes

Kiss/GFE: Yes



"Spicy Argentinian Special!!!”


Hola! Good to meet you!  My name is Sophia Sun, and I am from Argentina and now happy to be at the Kit Kat Ranch bordello just near Carson City, Nevada. Perhaps you remember me from before, when I was at Love Ranch brothel right next door? Yes, that's me again! I am back! It's been a while, but I am the same nice lady as before--happy to serve and be of good help to all those I meet here. As a Latina woman I was raised in a culture that was very healthy and very hot! We all love the sun, and to wear bikinis and have passion and lust for everything we do. That is what brings me to the Kit Kat, for this is a place where being hot, full of desire, and being full with life is our "job." But it is not really a job for me, for me it is normal, to want to enjoy my time with other people. I like to meet with single men, I am also bisexual and love to make love with women too. And if you are a couple, a man with a woman, or woman with woman, that is so much enjoyment as well! Wow! You will see that I am well-experienced with sensual matters, and am not shy or afraid to be intimate and loving. We are on this earth for a very short time, you know? So for me it is important to make that time as bold and beautiful as we can! I am sexually skilled in all the techniques that you will want--I love the oral sex, the fucking, and I can perform all fetishes and fantasies that you wish to engage in. Does this all sound nice? Yes! So to come visit me at the Kit Kat Ranch please write me a note here so I can write to you, and also you may make the reservation for the exact time and date that you would like me to see you. So please don't be shy, come meet me, Sophia, and give me a big hola! Thank you!

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